1956.0042.010 Print
  • 1956.0042.010 Print
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Print (Etching)

  • Title:

    The IDLE ' PRENTICE turned away and sent to SEA.

  • Category:

    Prints and Maps

  • Creator (Role):

    William Hogarth (Designer)

    John Bowles (Printseller)

  • Place of Origin:

    London, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

  • Date:


  • Materials:

    Ink; Paper (laid)

  • Techniques:

    Etched, Engraved

  • Museum Object Number:

    1956.0042.010 A

  • Complete Details

Object Number

1956.0042.010 A

Object Name

Print (Etching)


The IDLE ' PRENTICE turned away and sent to SEA.


Prints and Maps

Credit Line/Donor

Museum purchase

Creator (Role)

William Hogarth (Designer)

John Bowles (Printseller)
John Bowles traded under his own name from c. 1724-1754 and 1764-1779. He trained his son Carington Bowles (1724-1792) and they traded together as John Bowles and Son from 1754 to 1764. John's brother Thomas Bowles (1712-1767) had a similar business in St. Paul's Churchyard, which Carington took over in 1764 when his uncle retired. Carington and John then began trading separately under their own names. Carington was succeeded by his son Henry Carington Bowles (1763-1830), who printed under the name Bowles & Carver (with Samuel Carver). John was succeeded by Robert Wilkinson. John Bowles, and later John Bowles and Son, used the inscription "at the Black Horse in Cornhill" until 1766, when fire damaged his shop. He relocated to No. 13 Cornhill by 1768.

Place of Origin

London, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe



Mark or Signature or Inscription or Label

1. Inscription; Lower left beneath image; Designd by WHogarth.


Social/political commentary


Ink; Paper (laid)


Etched, Engraved

Dimensions (inches)

7.8 (H) , 11 (W) , 7.3 (Image H) , 10.5 (Image W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

19.9 (H) , 28 (W) , 7.3 (Image H) , 10.5 (Image W)

Measurement Notes

H at left of center. W above bottom. Plate marks not available.

Place of Publication

London, England, United Kingdom, Europe


I or II



Edition Notes

Hogarth first published the "INDUSTRY and IDLENESS" series in London, October 1747. He wrote in his "Autobiographical Notes" that this series was "calculated for the use and instruction of youth w[h]erein everything necessary to be known was to be made as intelligible as possible and as fine engraving was not necessary to the main design provided that which is infinitely more material viz the characters and expressions were well preserved, the purchase of them became within the reach of

Object Description

Text available soon.