1967.1374 Pewter porringer
  • 1967.1374 Pewter porringer
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    Thomas Melville (Maker)

  • Place of Origin:

    Newport, Rhode Island, United States, North America

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Credit Line/Donor

Bequest of Henry Francis du Pont

Creator (Role)

Thomas Melville (Maker)
This Thomas Melville was the nephew of the other Thomas Melville record in KE. This Thomas Melville's uncles, Thomas (elder) and Samuel Melville took over their brother David's business upon the latter's death in 1793, and probably continued to use David's dies and marks. This supposition is supported by the survival of pieces stamped with David's marks that bear the initials "S.M." and "T.M." on the handle or handle support. The Newport Mercury for December 31, 1793 advertised that Samuel and Thomas (elder) were doing business as pewterers at the shop owned by Mrs. Carr, at the corner of the Ferris Wharf. This was five weeks after their brother's death. Thomas (elder) seems to have died in 1796. Samuel appears to have continued in business with David's son, Thomas (younger). On January 12, 1796, Thomas (younger) advertised his business in "the House and Shop just above the Church on the Hill, formally occupied by his Father, David Melville, deceased"; he was not yet seventeen years old. Thomas married Clarissa Dean of Taunton in 1800. Thomas's brothers Andrew and William also worked as pewterers (Laughlin, vol.1, p.94-95). For more on the Melville family marks, see C. Jordan Thorn, Handbook of American Silver and Pewter Marks (1949), p.268; Ebert, Collecting American Pewter (1973), p.138; Carl Jacobs, Guide to American Pewter (1957), p.134-138; and Montgomery, History of American Pewter (1973), p.225. See also Laughlin, Pewter in America (1981), vol.1, p.92-94.

Place of Origin

Newport, Rhode Island, United States, North America



Mark or Signature or Inscription or Label

1. Mark; Handle, face of bracket; "TM", cast
2. Mark; Handle, top surface; "NEWPORT" above and "[ ]H[ ]E" to the left with an anchor and stars, stamped





Dimensions (inches)

2 (H) , 7.375 (W) , 4 (Diam)

Dimensions (centimeters)

5.08 (H) , 18.733 (W) , 10.16 (Diam)

Measurement Notes

The diameter is of the bowl rim. The height is at the tip of the handle. The height of the porringer bowl is 1.675 inches.

Object Description

Text available soon.

Bibliography and Bibliographic Notes

[Book] Montgomery, Charles F. 1973 A History of American Pewter.
Published: fig. 9-1, 9-2 (handle bracket) and 9-12, pp.146-148 and 153-154