1957.0859.006 Tankard, side 1
  • 1957.0859.006 Tankard, side 1
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  • Creator (Role):

    Paul Revere Jr. (Maker)

  • Place of Origin:

    Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, New England, United States, North America

  • Date:

    1768 (1772-1772)

  • Materials:


  • Techniques:

    Wrought, Cast, Engraved

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Object Number


Object Name




Credit Line/Donor

Gift of Henry Francis du Pont

Creator (Role)

Paul Revere Jr. (Maker)
Paul Revere, son of a silversmith with the same name, apprenticed to his father in 1747. His father died in 1754, before Paul could complete his training. Although he was legally too young to inherit the business, he remained active there until he was twenty one, when he assumed control. During the ensuing five decades, Revere and his employees produced hundreds of household, personal, ceremonial, and commemorative silver artifacts for well-to-do Bostonians. Revere's daybooks record that he fabricated twenty-five ladles between 1781 and 1797, calling them tureen ladle, soup ladle, and in one instance, scalloped tureen ladle. For the most part, he made one in any given year, except for 1795, when he fashioned five, and 1796, when he made six.

Place of Origin

Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, New England, United States, North America


1768 (1772-1772)

Mark or Signature or Inscription or Label

1. Mark; Side, left of handle; "REVERE" stamped in rectangle
2. Inscription; Side, opposite handle; "The Gift of/ Mary Bartlett Widow of Eph\m Bartlett,/ to the third Church in Brookfeild/ 1768" engraved
3. Inscription; Underside; "oz / 24"13" incised


Religion associated




Wrought, Cast, Engraved

Dimensions (inches)

8.268 (H) , 6.732 (L) , 4.764 (W) , 26.9846 (Weight)

Dimensions (centimeters)

21 (H) , 17.1 (L) , 12.1 (W) , 765 (Weight)

Object Description

Text available soon.

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