1952.0242 Chair, view 1
  • 1952.0242 Chair, view 1
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Chair (Side chair)

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  • Creator (Role):

    Unknown (Furniture maker)

  • Place of Origin:

    Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, New England, United States, North America

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  • Materials:

    Mahogany; Mahogany veneer; Oak, white; Maple, soft

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Object Number


Object Name

Chair (Side chair)



Credit Line/Donor

Gift of Henry Francis du Pont

Creator (Role)

Unknown (Furniture maker)
This record is to be used when the maker of an object is unknown.

Place of Origin

Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, New England, United States, North America

Origin Notes

Splats with diamond-centered figure eights were common in British chairmaking during the third quarter of the eighteenth century. Eastern Massachusetts, principally Boston, was the American center for interpretation of this general pattern, with only a few examples produced in Philadelphia and the South. The distinctive asymmetrical knee carving was copied directly and with reasonable fidelity from an English prototype (see armchair 51.80). The same pattern appears on a sizable and varied group of Boston furniture from the 1760s to 1770s, consisting of two matching settees (see 59.1877), a card table, three armchairs, and nineteen side chairs representing three splat patterns. Hairy paw and claw feet were both used.




Mahogany; Mahogany veneer; Oak, white; Maple, soft

Dimensions (inches)

36.875 (H) , 23.5 (W) , 22 (D)

Dimensions (centimeters)

93.663 (H) , 59.69 (W) , 55.88 (D)

Measurement Notes

OW and OD at feet. H (seat) 16.625 in. (41.9 cm); W (crest) 20.5 in. (52.1 cm); W (seat front) 21.625 in. (54.9 cm); W (seat back) 16.5 in. (41.9 cm); D (seat) 17.5 in. (44.4 cm).

Object Description

Text available soon.

Bibliography and Bibliographic Notes

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