1957.0602 Chair
  • 1957.0602 Chair
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Chair (Easy chair)

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  • Creator (Role):

    Unknown (Furniture maker)

  • Place of Origin:

    Connecticut, New England, United States, North America

  • Date:


  • Materials:

    Cherry; Pine, white; Cotton

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Object Number


Object Name

Chair (Easy chair)



Credit Line/Donor

Bequest of Henry Francis du Pont

Creator (Role)

Unknown (Furniture maker)
This record is to be used when the maker of an object is unknown.

Place of Origin

Connecticut, New England, United States, North America




Native American; American flag; American eagle


Cherry; Pine, white; Cotton

Dimensions (inches)

44.62 (H) , 30.25 (W) , 27.25 (D)

Dimensions (centimeters)

113.335 (H) , 76.835 (W) , 69.215 (D)

Measurement Notes

Due to an inability to reach this object, it was not re-measured during the re-cataloguing project.

Object Description

Text available soon.

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