1957.0100.008 A-C, Round plane, side 1
  • 1957.0100.008 A-C, Round plane, side 1
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Tool (for wood) (Round plane)

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  • Place of Origin:

    England, United Kingdom, Europe

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  • Materials:

    Wood; Iron; Steel

  • Museum Object Number:

    1957.0100.008 A- C

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Object Number

1957.0100.008 A- C

Object Name

Tool (for wood) (Round plane)



Credit Line/Donor

Gift of Nathaniel M. Dominy

Place of Origin

England, United Kingdom, Europe




Dominy Family Woodworking


Wood; Iron; Steel

Dimensions (inches)

5.7 (H) , 8.3 (L) , 0.8 (W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

14.5 (H) , 21 (L) , 2.1 (W)

Measurement Notes

The plane was not able to be disassembled. The measurements above are for assembled plane. The stock (A) height is 7.0cm. The wedge (C) measurements are: L: 14.4cm, W: 2.7cm, H: 0.7cm. The blade (B) measurements are: L: 17.5cm, W: 0.8cm, H: 0.3cm.

Object Description

Text available soon.

Bibliography and Bibliographic Notes

[Book] Salaman, Raphael Arthur. 1990 Dictionary of Woodworking Tools c. 1700 -1970 and tools of allied trades.
For a description of hollow and round planes, see page 331-332.