L2015.1042.001 Loom; overall
  • L2015.1042.001 Loom; overall
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Tool (for textiles) (Loom)

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  • Place of Origin:

    Pennsylvania, Mid-Atlantic, United States, North America

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  • Materials:

    Oak, red; Iron; Leather

  • Museum Object Number:

    2015.0028.001 A

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Object Number

2015.0028.001 A

Object Name

Tool (for textiles) (Loom)



Credit Line/Donor

Museum purchase with funds provided by Mrs. Jeanne L. Asplundh

Place of Origin

Pennsylvania, Mid-Atlantic, United States, North America

Origin Notes

Likely Berks, Bucks, or Montgomery County



Mark or Signature or Inscription or Label

1. Mark; Join of front stile and main rail; "D" on each piece


Oak, red; Iron; Leather

Dimensions (inches)

68.75 (H) , 62.75 (L) , 3.375 (W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

174.625 (H) , 159.385 (L) , 8.573 (W)

Object Description

Web - 12/16/2016

This is part of an eighteenth century loom that was used in Southeastern Pennsylvania for over two hundred years. The loom is made of massive, heavy oak timbers, but was designed so that it could be disassembled and moved. This record refers to the left side of the loom, composed of four large oak pieces joined with mortise and tenon joints. It has a cantilevered top, typical of German style looms, and a decorative iron strap to hold the brest beam. It is subtly but carefully decorated with ogee carvings and understated beaded moulding.

Bibliography and Bibliographic Notes

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