Print (Mezzotint)

  • Title:

    The Royal Academy of Arts

  • Category:

    Prints and Maps

  • Creator (Role):

    Richard Earlom (Mezzotinter)

    Johann Zoffany R.A. (Painter)

    Robert Sayer (Publisher)

  • Place of Origin:

    London, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

  • Date:

    August 1 1773 (1773-1773)

  • Materials:

    Ink; Paper (laid)

  • Techniques:

    Mezzotint with minimal burin work

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Object Number


Object Name

Print (Mezzotint)


The Royal Academy of Arts


Prints and Maps

Credit Line/Donor

Museum purchase with funds provided by the Charles E. Merrill Trust for the Purchase of English Objects

Creator (Role)

Richard Earlom (Mezzotinter)
References: Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotinto Portraits, vol. 1, pp. 242-43.

Johann Zoffany R.A. (Painter)

Robert Sayer (Publisher)
Sayer became active as a printseller as early as the late 1740s. He built up his stock of copper plates by taking over others’ inventories, first Philip Overton, then James McArdell when he died in 1765. He worked in partnership with John Bennett from around 1774 to 1785, then operated alone again through 1793. When he died in February 1794, the firm (along with Sayer’s stock of plates) were taken over by another London print firm, Laurie & Whittle.

Place of Origin

London, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe


August 1 1773 (1773-1773)

Mark or Signature or Inscription or Label

1. Inscription; Lower left beneath image; J Zoffany pinxit.
2. Inscription; Center beneath image; Publish'd August 1,\st 1773. R Sayer Excudit
3. Inscription; Lower right beneath image; R\d Earlom Sculp\st




Ink; Paper (laid)


Mezzotint with minimal burin work

Dimensions (inches)

19.3 (H) , 28 (W) , 19.3 (Image H) , 28 (Image W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

49 (H) , 71.2 (W) , 19.3 (Image H) , 28 (Image W)

Measurement Notes

H at left. W at bottom. Trimmed within plate marks and possibly above title.

Publisher Summary

Sayer, Robert

Publication Date


Place of Publication



Scratch-letter proof


Crowned double eagle

Edition Notes

Watermark similar to Heawood #1317, Paris 1772. In the finished state the legend reads: "The ROYAL ACADEMY of ARTS, instituted by the KING in the YEAR 1768-Humbly dedicated to its ROYAL PATRON. by His Majesty's most faithful Subject, ROBERT SAYER--mezzotint engraving by RICHARDUS EARLOM, 1773; JOHANNES ZOFFANDI, pinxit".

Object Description

Text available soon.

Bibliography and Bibliographic Notes

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