1957.0856 Painting, 1964.2107 Frame
  • 1957.0856 Painting, 1964.2107 Frame
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  • Title:

    American Commissioners of the Preliminary Peace Negotiations with Great Britain

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  • Creator (Role):

    Benjamin West (Artist)

  • Place of Origin:

    London, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

  • Date:


  • Materials:

    Oil paint; Canvas

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Object Number


Object Name



American Commissioners of the Preliminary Peace Negotiations with Great Britain



Credit Line/Donor

Gift of Henry Francis du Pont

Creator (Role)

Benjamin West (Artist)
Appointed historical painter to king in 1772, and surveyor of the royal pictures in 1790. Co-founded the Royal Academy in London and succeeded Sir Joshua Reynolds as its president from 1792 to 1820.

Place of Origin

London, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe




Portrait; Historical


Oil paint; Canvas



Dimensions (inches)

28.5 (H) , 36.25 (W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

72.3 (H) , 92.07 (W)

Measurement Notes

H at proper right stretcher. W at bottom stretcher.

Object Description

Text available soon.

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