1957.0093.053 A-C Hollow plane, overall
  • 1957.0093.053 A-C Hollow plane, overall
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Tool (for wood) (Hollow plane)

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  • Creator (Role):

    Samuel Newbould (Maker)

    Nathaniel Dominy IV (Maker)

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  • Materials:

    Wood; Iron; Yew, European

  • Museum Object Number:

    1957.0093.053 A- C

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Object Number

1957.0093.053 A- C

Object Name

Tool (for wood) (Hollow plane)



Credit Line/Donor

Museum purchase

Creator (Role)

Samuel Newbould (Maker)
Bibliography: Goodman. "British Planemakers from 1700" (1978). pg. 173.

Nathaniel Dominy IV (Maker)
Married Katharine Hallome on June 30, 1753. Children: Mary (d. in infancy) and Anna (twins). 2nd Marriage: Married Hannah Baker on November 28, 157 (or 1759), Children: Jonathan (d. in infancy), Hannah, Mary (d. in infancy), Urania, Leah, Nathaniel V, Phoebe, Clara.



Mark or Signature or Inscription or Label

1. Mark; Toe of stock; "ND" (conjoined) stamped incuse.
2. Mark; Toe of stock; "1769" stamped incuse, partially effaced.
3. Mark; Top end of blade at edge; "[NEWBO]ULD" stamped incuse.


Dominy Family Woodworking


Wood; Iron; Yew, European

Dimensions (inches)

4.1 (H) , 6.3 (L) , 2 (W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

10.4 (H) , 15.9 (L) , 5 (W)

Measurement Notes

Measurements above are for assembled plane. The height of the stock is 5.1cm, the length is 15.2. The wedge measurements are : L: 9.6cm, W: 3.9cm, H: 1.5cm. The blade measurements are: L: 15.7cm, W: 3.6cm, H: 0.3cm.

Object Description

Text available soon.

Bibliography and Bibliographic Notes

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For more information on smooth planes, see page 331-332.
[Book] Goodman, W. L. 1978 British Plane Makers from 1700: 2nd Edition.
For reference to Samuel Newbould, see page 173.
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Round planes come in a set of various sizes and are used in conjunction with matching concave soled "hollow" planes to create various decorative edges in wood. They are often used to make moldings and generally come in sets of 16 pairs. For more informati