1969.0571 Quilt, view 1
  • 1969.0571 Quilt, view 1
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Quilt (Album quilt)

  • Category:

    Textiles (Furnishing)

  • Creator (Role):

    Old Otterbein Church (Artist)

  • Place of Origin:

    Baltimore, Maryland, United States, North America

  • Materials:

    Cotton; Silk; Ink

  • Techniques:

    Appliqued, Quilted

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Object Number


Object Name

Quilt (Album quilt)


Textiles (Furnishing)

Credit Line/Donor

Bequest of Henry Francis du Pont

Creator (Role)

Old Otterbein Church (Artist)
The church was named in honor of Philip William Otterbein (1726-1813), who came to Pennsylvania in 1752 as a German missionary, and is said to be the oldest church building in continuous use in Baltimore. Known for his radical pietism, Otterbein came to serve a church formed by a group who broke away from the First German Reformed Church of Baltimore in 1771 under the influence of Benedict Swope, a charismatic lay preacher who left Baltimore in that year for Kentucky. Otterbein became closely involved with the Methodists, taking part in the 1784 ordination of Francis Astbury as general superintendent of the Methodist church, centered in Baltimore. The offshoot of the German Reformed movement that Otterbein founded, known primarily as the Evangelical United Brethren, combined with the Methodists in 1968 to become the United Methodist Church, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States. Old Otterbein was one of the many German language churches in Baltimore, and only stopped holding services in that language when the United States declared war on Germany, and entered the First World War on April 6, 1917.

Place of Origin

Baltimore, Maryland, United States, North America


Cotton; Silk; Ink


Appliqued, Quilted

Dimensions (inches)

105.25 (L) , 102.25 (W)

Dimensions (centimeters)

267.335 (L) , 259.715 (W)

Measurement Notes

from Quilts in a Material World List

Object Description

Text available soon.

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